CSC 253 Collaborative Software Design Rate My Professor Chen Ding

University of Rochester Computer Science

CSC 253/453 and TCS 453 Collaborative Programming and Software Design

Modern software is complex and more than a single person can fully comprehend. This course teaches collaborative programming which is multi-person construction of software where each person’s contribution is non-trivial and clearly defined and documented.  The material to study includes design principles, safe and modular programming in modern programming languages, software teams and development processes, design patterns, and productivity tools.  The assignments include collaborative programming and software design and development in teams.  The primary programming language taught and used in the assignments is Rust. Students in CSC 453 have additional reading and requirements.

Prerequisites: CSC 172 or equivalent for CSC 253 and TCS 453.  CSC 172 and CSC 252 or equivalent for CSC 453.  

Fall 2020 Student Evaluation

Anonymous inputs were collected by the university before the final exam. 14 out of 33 students (44%) submitted the evaluation.

The overall Instructor Rating is 4.21 and Course Rating 4.00.

Among the individual questions, the highest are 4.79 (The instructor was willing to listen to student questions and/or opinions), 4.71 (The instructor demonstrated sincere respect for students), and two COVID related questions both are 4.54 (the instructor clearly articulated course expectations to students, and the instructor noticed when students did not understand course material and adjusted accordingly). The lowest are 3.71 (The exams/assignments were clearly worded) and 3.93 (The instructor used examples that helped with understanding the material).

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