CDP 2014 Preliminary Program

13th Compiler-Driven Performance Workshop

Wednesday, Nov 5 2014
Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre

Associated with CASCON 2014
(Nov 3-5 2014)

The workshop will have 12 technical presentations as follows (indexed
by session and paper numbers). See the workshop web page (URL above)
for more details including the session times and paper abstracts.

(I-1) Modern analytics with the IBM Dash Compiler, by Ettore Tiotto,
Bob Blainey, John Keenleyside, Nelson Amaral, and Taylor Lloyd, IBM
Software Group and University of Alberta

(I-2) Performance Effects of Lock Fallback in Best Effort HTM Systems,
by Matthew Gaudet, J. Nelson Amaral, and Guido Araujo, University of

(I-3) Profiling through Runtime Instrumentation Facility in IBM
Hardware, by Irwin D’Souza, Iris Baron, Younes Manton, Marius Pirvu,
Joran Siu and Julian Wang, IBM Toronto Software Lab

(II-1) PORPLE: An Extensible Optimizer for Portable Data Placement on
GPU, by Guoyang Chen and Xipeng Shen, North Carolina State University

(II-2) Implementing Intel SSE-compatible functions on PowerPC to
simplify application porting, by Ian McIntosh, IBM Toronto Software

(II-3) Mincer: a distributed automated problem determination tool,
by Andrew Craik, Patrick Doyle, and Christopher Black, IBM Canada

(II-4) High-Level Abstraction, Safety and Code Generation in Coconut,
by Christopher Kumar Anand, Jessica L.M. Pavlin, Maryam Moghadas,
Yuriy Toporovskyy, Michal Dobrogost, and Wolfram Kahl, McMaster

(III-1) Reducing Memory Buffering Overhead in Software Thread-Level
Speculation, by Zhen Cao and Clark Verbrugge, McGill University

(III-2) Type Specialization in Dynamic Weakly Typed Languages, by
David Siegwart, Testarossa Compiler Development, IBM Hursley UK

(IV-1) VeloCty: An optimizing static compiler for Matlab and Python,
by Sameer Jagdale, McGill University

(IV-2) McNumJS : Enabling Fast Numeric Computations for JavaScript, by
Sujay Kathrotia, McGill University

(IV-3) OpenPOWER Linux ABI changes to improve performance, by Ian
McIntosh, IBM Toronto Software Lab

In addition to the paper presentations, the workshop holds the
J. Gregory Steffan Memorial Session. Professor Steffan, formerly of
University of Toronto, passed away unexpectedly on July 24, 2014. He
was a long-time attendee and contributor of the workshop. The
memorial session celebrates his life and the collective memory of him
as a brilliant researcher, teacher and friend.